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The purpose of the Association is to promote the civic, educational, and social welfare, as well as public safety, and to protect property interest, within the District of Columbia and especially in Chevy Chase, DC. We encourage civil discourse, serve as a community resource, promote public safety, care for our environment, and support local arts, business, and culture. To this end, we sponsor informative programs, publish a regular newsletter, maintain a website with information on our activities, host social events, recognize community achievement, advocate sound policies, grant financial support, and undertake community projects.


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CCCA Annual Membership Virtual Meeting, June 23, 2022, 7 - 8:00 p.m.

The Annual Membership meeting was held on June 23, 2022 to update members on CCCA accomplishments over the past year and to discuss initiative and activities for 2022 and 2023.

Robert Gordon presented this overview of accomplishments to the attendees. 

  • Co-hosted Chevy Chase DC Day in September 2021 at the Community Center with over 1,200 attendees. Took the lead to organize the annual Halloween Spooktacular event held on Connecticut Avenue on October 31.
  • Participated in the design of the Small Area Plan for Chevy Chase along with the ANC and other groups that provides input into the broader updated Comprehensive Plan. We are engaged in the issues of rezoning Connecticut Avenue, rebuilding the Community Center/Library complex, and other key issues. These efforts led to a neighborhood consensus to combine the library and community center into a complex with affordable housing.
  •  Served as a Founding member of the Chevy Chase Main Street program funded by the DC Department of Small and Local Development and serve on the Neighborhood Strategy Council. This funding, provided by the DC government, is targeted to improving support to businesses.  It was noted that some of the empty stores will soon be occupied with new businesses such as a bike store and an art s
  • Prepared and disseminated a monthly e-newsletter and e-news bulletins on topics of current interest to the CCCA membership. Robert thanked Ted Gest for editing and managing the newsletter for 20 years.
  • Co-hosted 5 candidate forums via Zoom in April and May 2022 for the Mayoral race, Ward 3 City Council seat, Council Member At-Large, Council Chair, and Attorney General.
  • Sponsored or co-sponsored webinars on many topics of interest to the community including: Maintaining Brain Health, Creating a Native Plant Garden and Pollinator Corridor, and Historic District Designation for Chevy Chase. Recordings of these events are posted on the CCCA webpage.
  •   Redesigned and updated the Chevy Chase Citizens Association website to be a source of news and information in the community. The CCCA is looking for someone interested in keeping the website updated

Election of officers

The CCCA by-laws call for an annual election of officers. This year’s slate is as follows:

President - Robert Gordon

First Vice President – Kristine Desmarais

Second Vice President – Rasheen Carbin

Treasurer – Sandy Cihlar

Secretary – Jory Barone

A motion to elect this slate by proclamation was made and then seconded. All the attendees voted yes by voice vote.

Plans for the upcoming year

Chevy Chase DC Day is scheduled for September 17, 2022. Kristine Desmarais will be the coordinator for the event.  Many exciting activities are being planned including a Zydeco band, petting zoo, juggler, art activities for kids, yoga and dance demonstrations, bounce house, free ice cream, and more.  We are looking for suggestions for events and will need lots of volunteers to help on September 17.

The annual Spooktacular event will be held on Connecticut Avenue to celebrate Halloween.

Sponsor or co-sponsor 6 to 8 monthly educational events starting in September.

In partnership with Historic Chevy Chase DC and Chevy Chase Art (Ch/Art), restore 3 of the original call boxes along Connecticut Avenue. More boxes will be done over time. The call boxes are envisioned to be “mini museums or art galleries”.

Change the name of the Chevy Chase Citizens Association to the Chevy Chase Community Association to be more inclusive and welcoming to the neighborhood. A survey will be sent to all members asking for their approval on the name change.

Expand our membership base by reaching out to potential new members in the community.

Other updates

One member asked if future meetings and events will be held in-person.  The members agreed that in-person meetings and events are often much more enjoyable. Another issue raised was that the Community Center now closes at 8 p.m. This is a problem for some groups that meet there in the evening.

In closing, Robert Gordon thanked Samantha Nolan for her many years of service to the CCCA.

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